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The Chiropractic TRUhealthDRs October 2017 Healthy Newsletter



Colorado Springs knee pain is a pain that The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR sees often. Pain meds and surgical options abound while a new non-surgical chiropractic treatment is supplying exciting results. Principles of Cox® Technic flexion distraction and decompression - a technique used in clinic daily for Colorado Springs back pain and neck pain relief - were tailored for use with knee pain. They are shown to be of help in lessening knee pain. Overall, knee pain patients’ mean pain scores fell from 7.7 to 1.8 on a 10 point scale 1 least pain, 10 most pain in a mean of 5.3 visits over 3 weeks. More specifically, acute knee pain patients’ pain scores fell more dramatically from a mean of 8.1 to 1.1 in 4.8 treatments in 2.4 weeks. Chronic knee pain patients’ scores dropped from 7.5 to 2.2 in 5.4 treatments in 3.3 weeks. No one in the study had any adverse reactions. (1) It's gentle, relieving, and comfortable.  Listen to a PODCAST by the author of this paper about his clinical experience in treating knee pain. This is an exciting addition to The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR’s Colorado Springs chiropractic care! Colorado Springs knee pain sufferers are welcomed to experience this gentle, relieving Colorado Springs knee pain treatment!


Colorado Springs CHIROPRACTIC TIP OF THE MONTH: Strengthen the Hip Abductors

We all can gain from stronger hip abductors, and Colorado Springs elder folks gain even more. A new article states that chronic low back pain sufferers typically have hip abductor weakness, too. (The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR agrees as these two are seen frequently in this Colorado Springs chiropractic practice.) A simple series of hip abductor exercises helped reduce pain and improve function for a group of older chronic low back pain sufferers. (2) Easy! The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR will give you some hip strengthening exercise moves you can do at home along with the Colorado Springs chiropractic spinal manipulation with Cox Technic in office to get such relief yourself.

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