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Colorado Springs Chiropractor Embraces the role of Back Pain Specialist

When I check into a hotel for a conference, the conversation often goes like this:

Front desk staff: “So what are you here for?”

Me: “I’m a chiropractor from Colorado Springs attending a meeting.”

Front desk staff: “Oh! My back is killing me!”

Your Colorado Springs chiropractor enjoys this and could converse about back pain and neck pain forever! Colorado Springs chiropractic patients at The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR know this for sure. Your Colorado Springs chiropractor accepts the reputation as the Colorado Springs back pain specialist. Being a primary spine practitioner is so exciting and engaging! The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR understands back pain and neck pain, is a specialty clinic for spine pain patients, and isn’t reticent in the least about letting everyone know in Colorado Springs.


You have heard of the Gallup Poll. A consultant for Gallup teamed up with the Palmer College of Chiropractic for a study that found that 78% of American adults would rather use a non-drug option over a prescription medication to cope with pain like low back or neck pain. Those same adults believed physical therapy and chiropractic care as very effective and safe when compared to pain medications. Aaron Carroll MD writes for the New York Times, and in a blog post called “For Bad Backs, It’s Time to Rethink Biases about Chiropractors,” he stressed how bad the opioid crisis is in the US and that evidence-based non-drug approaches like spinal manipulation are reasonable options. (1) Chiropractic identity researchers wrote that chiropractic is seen by society as a profession of health care providers who are specialists in spine care as their education, scope of practice, and educational accrediting and testing involve spine care. (2) In one study 61.4% of US adults expressed that chiropractic care successfully relieved neck and back pain. 52.6% said chiropractors were trustworthy. (3) The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR gets this. The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR sees that Colorado Springs back pain and neck pain patients find relief with the Colorado Springs chiropractic care and then count on The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR to lead them in other healthy approaches to control their back pain conditions and improve their health and spine to prevent future unpleasant health and/or spinal pain conditions.


Specially educated to care for patients with spinal disease, primary spine practitioners take on many responsibilities: diagnose, rule out serious pathology (cancer, fracture, infection, etc.), provide evidence-based care like spinal manipulation, manual therapy, rehab/exercise, education about the condition, counseling to help the back pain sufferer accept the condition and its outcome expectations as well as commit to its treatment plan, and organize all phases of care (imaging, injections, surgery if/when needed). (4) It’s an extensive job with lots of responsibility! It is precisely the role your Colorado Springs chiropractor enjoys most! What do Colorado Springs back pain sufferers wants? Consumers desire access to non-drug therapies delivered by spine care experts like chiropractors first. It helps in a few ways. One is increasing the value of spine care delivery. Two is helping deal with the primary care shortage. (1,5) Three is lessening the cost of care. (6) Four is potentially curbing the opioid epidemic. The American College of Physicians’ recommendations for back pain sufferers specifically state that opioids are the last option behind non-pharmacological treatment options like spinal manipulation, exercise, acupuncture, etc. (7) The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR is here to do its share to help.


Listen to this PODCAST about how a chiropractic back pain specialist trained in Cox Technic helped a patient who does not want back surgery helped him avoid one.

Schedule your next Colorado Springs chiropractic appointment with The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR to discover the benefit of having the Colorado Springs back pain specialist taking care of your back pain and spine pain without medications in many cases.

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