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Colorado Springs Chiropractor Encourages Eating Fruits and Veggies to Reduce Inflammation, Osteoporosis Risk, and All-Cause Mortality

Do you munch on vegetables and fruits? Daily? Several times a day? The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR urges this daily eating habit! And The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR sees that you know fruits and vegetables are healthy foods, that you sees vegetables and fruit should be main parts of your Colorado Springs healthy diets, and that you recognizes eating fruits and vegetables is better than eating fast food. But do we – The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR included! - eat fruits and vegetables like we should? Not likely. But you are not alone! Life distracts our best intentions! The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR is just letting you in on this gentle research-based notice of the good eating fruits and vegetables extends to Colorado Springs chiropractic folks and their friends and family members!


Eating right just may allow you to live longer! The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR knows many Colorado Springs chiropractic patients who will love to hear this! There is growing evidence that fruit and vegetable consumption influences all-cause mortality. In a study of over 6000 people over 6 years, consuming more fruits and vegetables (especially in those who ate 7 servings or more a day) decreases all-cause mortality. (1) The variety of fruits and vegetables has an important role in reducing inflammation and reducing C-reactive protein (CRP) concentrations as well. (2)


Lower bone mineral density (BMD) folks see more positive results of consuming more fruits and vegetables and a lower rate of osteoporosis, too. The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR sees many Colorado Springs chiropractic patients with osteoporosis who want to do what they can to stop, treat and prevent it. In one report, the more fruits and vegetables consumed, the higher the BMD and lesser the osteoporosis risk in middle and older age folks. And for those who may not enjoy vegetables, you’re fortunate! Fruit is more likely advantageous in this respect than vegetables. At least increase your fruit consumption! (3)


If you are hesitant in eating fruits and vegetables, try being a kid again. Take a chance, and allow yourself to play with your food because one article states that sensory play is the forerunner to tasting fruits and vegetables you play with! (4) It works for preschool kids who attempted tasting their “play” fruits and veggies! The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR would love to hear your stories if you take a stab at this!

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Listen to this PODCAST by Dr. Chris DeVeau on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. He shares how nutrition plays a role in general health and healing, specifically for a patient with arm pain.

Schedule an appointment today with your Colorado Springs chiropractor and check out other ways to improve your daily nutritional intake of fruits and vegetables for the sake of your body’s health and longevity.

The Chiropractic TRUhealthDR urges Colorado Springs chiropractic patients to eat fruits and vegetables to decrease inflammation and potentially live longer. 
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